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It has been 20 years that he was gone, and never be forgotten, no matter the time that pass! We really know the great person he was. A Simple, humble person with a big heart, friendly, smart, depressed, kind to everyone. The fame did not matter! Even if he have taken his own life (I know, you acted like an idiot at the end) had different reasons for this, but still had a way to try. We all have faults and qualities, after all we are human beings. But one thing is certain: Kurt is dead but not gone, it is still present through his great music, who really loves he! We love and miss you, Kurdt! Thanks for everything! Peace, love and empathy.

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Tori Amos
American Pie / Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live in Berlin 1994/04/09)



Tori Amos :: American Pie / Smells Like Teen Spirit, live in Berlin, April 9th, 1994

In the streets the children screamed, the lover’s cried, and the poets dreamed, but
Not a word was spoken - the church bells all were broken 
And the three men I admire most: the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost, they
Caught the last train for the coast 
The day the music died 

Kurt Cobain died 20 years ago today. His body wasn’t found until April 8th. On April 9th, Tori opened her show in Berlin with this beautiful rendition of American Pie going into Smells Like Teen Spirit, the first time she ever played the songs like this, and she went on singing the combination in tribute on most nights for the rest of the tour.


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